Bamboo Rattan Furniture Trends You Need To Know

Bamboo Rattan Furniture Trends You Need To Know

The bohemian look giving bamboo rattan furniture is a timeless beauty! Rattan is currently enjoying a long-awaited turn in the spotlight, despite some generations dismissing its allure. Bamboo Rattan is practical and suitable for use in every room of the house, including the kitchen and bathrooms. It is excellent for adding a touch of Mediterranean design or a calm contemporary edge to any room. Go casual and pair rattan with wood and white for a stylish yet eminently timeless look. The most amazing feature of rattan is its adaptability to a wide range of design trends and styles, making it the ultimate household necessity! 

living room rattan chair


We become a little wistful when we see rattan patio furniture. Although it has a throwback 60s flair, this fashion seems more current than ever. Rattan furniture contributes to the trend of using natural materials and does more than just spruce up your garden. The rattan furniture craze brings the allure of the island to your own backyard. This fashion is popular and will endure. Rattan is warm, inviting, and fashionable, making it ideal for building a tranquil garden area. Who wouldn't want to think about having a permanent vacation?


Here are some exceptionally interesting ways to spice up the interior decor of your house with bamboo rattan furniture:

  • Rattan in bedrooms- 

  •  Bedroom Rattan Storage Cabinet

    Keep bedding and furniture bright to embrace natural light for a beach vibe. Your room will be calmer and feel like a breath of fresh air with airy drapes and crisp white linens. Keep colours neutral, whether they are on your walls or your mattress. This aids in highlighting a few main points, such as your favourite works of art.

    Rattan accents are the ideal approach to give your space a retro and natural feel. Adopt our Kona cabinet or bedside table to keep your possessions organised. It makes a statement without overpowering your space thanks to its streamlined design and rounded rattan cuts. The Lana bed frame combines two of the latest trends with its rounded form and exquisite hexagonal weave.

  • Glorious rattan lampshades: 
  • Whether you want to have a casual or creative impact, rattan makes beautiful lampshades. Voluptuous rattan lighting pieces are perfect for producing a statement-making sculpture with texture and tone differences because they may hang as the focal point in a kitchen, living room, hallway, or really almost anywhere. The beauty, warmth, and personality that rattan lighting brings to any home make it ideal for the less is more style as well. For a more understated appearance, select delicate rattan pendants.

    smart moon lamp

  • Dine in Rattan- 
  • Rattan accents in the dining room are the ideal way to offer some relaxation. Dining areas are all about friendliness and warmth. For those occasions when the talk keeps flowing, create a coffee bar or cocktail station using the large top. Additionally, rattan looks fantastic in decorative accents like picture frames, wall décor, and even a few pendant lights over your dining table. For more formal gatherings, you can also utilize rattan placemats and woven planters. 

    Rattan Dining Table and Chair Garden Furniture Set

  • Living room with rattan:
  • Rattan was predominantly used for outdoor furniture for a very long time. It is the ideal material because of its inherent durability and weather resistance. But today, its position within the house has changed. It conjures up visions of lazy afternoons spent conversing on the patio, both indoors and out. Make your living area a relaxing retreat where loved ones can congregate. Rattan produces a BBQ party that lasts all year long, complete with their preferred beverage and no bugs in sight.

    Bamboo Rattan Tea Table


    Bamboo rattan furniture is becoming a very followed trend in the UK too! People are using a lot of varieties of bamboo rattan furniture to embellish the look of their place. This is a big reason for the growing popularity of bamboo rattan furniture online shop UK.

    You can also get pieces of bamboo rattan chairs to accessorize your home sweet.