Five Reasons Why We Adore Bamboo Furnishings

Five Reasons Why We Adore Bamboo Furnishings

Unquestionably, one interior design trend that has dominated homes for a long and will continue is bamboo and rattan. Rattan weaving is one of the older types of crafts. To create rattan furniture, rattan is responsibly harvested, and the bark is then sliced into thin strips and woven into designs and motifs for furniture pieces. 

The design gift that keeps on giving is bamboo. Why is bamboo so beloved by us? 

Here are several reasons, in no particular order:

It’s beautiful

Supple, glossy, airy, and brilliant. The largest grass family member, bamboo, just have a pleasing appearance to match its pleasant sensation. Although its natural hue is comparable to beech wood's, darker shades can be achieved through staining, giving a wide range and matching any interior design.

It has versatility

The bamboo plant has more than 1,000 different kinds, and its stems can be as short as a few centimeters or as tall as 40 meters! Bamboo has a lot of wonderful domestic uses. For instance, a lot of gorgeous accent items like mirror frames, backsplashes, and wallpaper are made of bamboo, in addition to chairs, beds, tables, nightstands, and headboards. Bamboo is a fantastic material for blinds, shades, and privacy screens since it is both lightweight and strong. Bamboo flooring is also very popular since it gives rooms a laid-back, cozy, and welcoming appearance.

It is stronger

One interesting fact: Compared to steel, bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 pounds per square inch. What makes bamboo so resilient? No other tree grows as straight as bamboo, and it does so. Although there are "knuckles," they are regular, and dense, and don't impair the bamboo's structural integrity. Bamboo becomes stronger when laminated, and the lamination adds a layer of protection against use-related wear and tear. As a result, bamboo furniture is more durable than the majority of your home's furniture. In addition to being one of the toughest woods, it is also resistant to dampness and insects. This qualifies it as suitable outdoor furniture, provided it is placed in a covered area to protect it from the weather. Bamboo is more resistant to swelling and scratches both inside and out than most hardwoods.

It is Suspensible 

Bamboo grows more quickly than any other timber plant in the world. It actually thrives in almost any climate, from hot tropical places to freezing mountain locations. It also doesn't require a lot of irrigation, fertilizer, or pesticides to thrive. This results in a remarkably eco-friendly material that you may use in your house or place of business with confidence.

It is Simple

Last but not least, bamboo is quite easy to clean and maintain. Just be sure to reapply oil every one to two months to avoid cracks and to keep the surface looking bright. It's as easy as using a soft cloth, a sponge, and some mild soapy water for general cleaning. Organic or natural soaps are popular because of their eco-friendly nature.


There you have it, then. There are five good reasons why you should appreciate bamboo furniture as much as we do. It includes its beauty, versatility, strength, durability, and versatility. In the UK as well, bamboo rattan furniture is becoming more and more popular. People decorate their homes with a wide variety of bamboo rattan furniture types. This is a key reason why bamboo rattan furniture is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. To furnish your cozy home, you may purchase bamboo and rattan furniture.