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Rattan And Bamboo Furniture - What's The Difference

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Since ancient times, wicker goods have been widely used. It is thought that they were initially created by the Egyptians, and then by the Romans, who wove everyday items out of a variety of green materials. 

The term "wicker" is frequently used incorrectly to refer to the technique through which materials including wood, rattan, reed, willow, banana leaf, and bamboo are woven into furniture, baskets, and other functional or ornamental items. Bamboo is frequently sought after for its distinctive qualities and aesthetic appeal, despite rattan being the material most frequently used in wicker furniture. Simply weave bamboo material into the desired shape to create bamboo wicker.

The difference between bamboo wicker and rattan wicker

Although they appear extremely similar and are both frequently used in wicker goods, bamboo and rattan  actually differ significantly. The strongest wood in the world is thought to be rattan. It develops vertically and can be bent by the use of steam. Rattan is solid on the inside while bamboo is hollow, which is the primary distinction between these two organic materials. However, this does not imply that bamboo is a weak substance. Not at all.


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Bamboo cannot be bent because the steaming process required to do so would cause the bamboo to split or shatter when it dried. Bamboo is harder than mahogany. Although bamboo is sometimes filled or capped at the ends to make it appear more "solid," such techniques are not necessary to produce robust, long-lasting items like different furniture fittings. Bamboo wicker goods often don't utilise fasteners because they are hollow; instead, they are wrapped to keep them in place. Although it has a similar appearance to rattan, bamboo has much more pronounced, distinguishable rings on its surface.

The Advantages of Rattan, Bamboo, and Cane

  • Furniture made of cane, rattan, or wicker is a good choice for a number of other reasons besides just looking beautiful.

  • They make the space feel spacious and light.

  • It complements environmentally efficient interior and outside architecture.

  • They permit sound and signal to pass through cabinet doors, which is great if you want to conceal cable boxes, routers, or sound bases that don't look the best.

  • They are a great material for kids' rooms because they are lightweight.

Maintain its look for a longer

Be careful not to use too much water, and dry it well to prevent it from dropping. Typically, you can get away with simply wiping it down with a moist towel, but if it's dirty, you may clean it with wood soap or a mild detergent in warm water. Be careful not to use too much water, and dry it thoroughly to prevent it from sagging. Given the excellent resilience of materials like cane, rattan, and wicker, you shouldn't worry too much about maintenance. 

In closing

No matter what material you choose bamboo or rattan, for your place, it is definitely gonna make your place look 100 times more aesthetically pleasing. Also, if you’re someone who doesn’t have much time to visit stores and get your bamboo/rattan furniture, you can simply visit online bamboo furniture stores and find that piece of sofa, bench, or lamp, your house or cafe was missing. 

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