Bamboo Outdoor furniture

What you can do to Guard your Bamboo Outdoor Furniture from Bad Weather

The weather is never entirely satisfactory for most people; the British are constantly discussing it, while the Scandinavians have to put up with lengthy, gloomy days. However, we frequently lament the excessive heat of the summer and the extreme cold of the winter. The seasons and temperature, however, affect more than simply humans. The weather may be harsh on bamboo garden furniture; in particular, dampness and rain can detract from the beauty of this lovely natural material. Because of this, it's critical to maintain your upscale outdoor furniture.

The furniture made of bamboo is not unbreakable

One of the strongest materials used in the furniture industry is bamboo. Nevertheless, bamboo furniture is not unbreakable. The condition of high-end outdoor bamboo furniture is impacted by weather in all its forms. Natural furniture's color and polish can be affected by both rain and intense sunlight.

Outdoor furniture can suffer negative effects from the sun's rays and the rain, as was already described. Of course, where you live affects how much rain and sunshine you get, but even in temperate regions, the weather may have an impact on outdoor bamboo furniture. Condensation can still occur in hot climates like Spain even in the absence of substantial precipitation, which will eventually harm the protective layer.

How to maintain the bamboo furniture

It becomes obvious how vital it is to take proper care of your luxury outdoor furniture once you realize that it doesn't need to be raining for furniture, such as bamboo tables or bamboo chairs, to be damaged by the weather conditions. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that can assist you in offering the right protection.

First and foremost, it's crucial to spend money on a waterproof protective cover to shield the furniture from moisture and dew without actually getting it wet. High-quality outdoor furniture should be covered to remain safe even if it's not raining, especially at night during the harsher winter months. For ventilation, the cover needs to have the appropriate size. 

Carefully store the expensive outdoor furniture in a dry area, such as a garage or shed, if you don't have a cover for it. Keeping the furniture in a shed will only protect it from rain, not humidity, so it's important to keep that in mind. Make sure the furniture is placed on dry ground because its legs can absorb moisture. 

Cleaning it up

Make sure your bamboo garden furniture is clean before covering it since dirt and dust are abrasive and can weaken the bamboo by rubbing against it. To guarantee that the bamboo is clean and free of contaminants, it should be washed at least once a year. This will help to ensure that your beloved Danish design furniture will continue to look lovely for many years to come.

These tips will help you in keeping your bamboo furniture safe:

  • To avoid marks, promptly wipe up any spills or dirt.

  • Frequently wipe with a gentle, dry cloth.

  • Use 3L of water and a few drops of organic soap to clean.

  • Yearly cleaning  

  • Eliminate all dust

  • Using a moist towel, wash (dipped in diluted organic soapy water)

  • Allow to air dry naturally after wiping dry.

  • Use sandpaper to polish furniture (very carefully)

  • For an additional layer of defense against moisture and water, use +Nano Bamboo Shield.

  • Apply Protoskimmel to a dry, clean surface to prevent fungus.

  • On the entire body of the furniture, remove fungi with ProtoxHysan and let it air dry.

The bottom line: 

By now, I assume, that you have got an idea and also would have thought of the ways in which you can and should keep your bamboo furniture safe in any and every weather condition, throughout the year.