Why Is Rattan Furniture So Popular At The Moment

Why Is Rattan Furniture So Popular At The Moment

Bamboo rattan is undoubtedly one interior design motif that has dominated houses for a while and it will remain. Rattan weaving is one of the ancient craft techniques. Rattan is collected sustainably to make rattan furniture, and the bark is then sliced into thin strips and weaved into patterns and motifs for furniture items.

Top Reasons for the Popularity of Rattan Furniture in Interior Design

These are the reasons why rattan furniture is so popular, according to some of the most well-known interior designers and brands in the world:

Capable of withstanding any weather

One thing to keep in mind regarding rattan furniture is that it can be utilised to create both internal and outside spaces, such as gardens and balconies, using items like rattan seats and tables. Rattan is one of the most adaptable types of furniture since it is resistant to all climatic and weather conditions.

Appeal to All

Any type of interior space benefits from the blending and enhancing effects of rattan. There is a way to make the rattan furniture trend work for each space, regardless of whether you are designing the next great maximalist space or have maintained your penchant for simplicity. As a studio, we believe that the best environments should feature materials that naturally patina with time and get better with age. We work through and forward.


Consider moving from one house to another while also needing to transfer heavy furniture from one room to another. It causes a vicious loop of things, don't you think? With rattan furniture, you won't have to deal with this issue. Rattan is a remarkably light material, making it possible to create furniture that is portable throughout the home.

Classical aesthetic

The timeless weave of woven rattan is readily identifiable and will always be fashionable. Wicker will never be out of style because it is neutral in both colour and texture. The appeal of all these products is that you may overlay them with different other materials to create a more modern effect or contrast them with bright colours to create a playful look.

Eco-friendly furnishings

This is unquestionably an important issue to take into account. Rattan furniture ranks first among furniture types since it is environmentally beneficial. Rattan poses no environmental hazards during any stage of production or disposal. Rattan furniture is a well-rounded style of furniture that comes in a wide range of sizes, is of high quality, and requires little upkeep. Because of this, Rattan furniture is so well-liked in the world of interior design.

Ancient Craftsmanship

There has also been an increase in furniture companies working to restore and recreate craft-based production in order to help them remain relevant in the modern world. Rattan furniture honours the artisanal skill of rattan weaving and is deeply rooted in the idea of sustainability. In contrast to its Nordic cousin, the rattan furniture movement of recent years takes design features from Pierre Jeanneret's creations from his period in India, which are more overtly beautiful and more localised.


Additionally, the ‘Mid-Century Modern design, which really is ageless and always current, is closely linked to rattan furniture. The popularity of bamboo rattan furniture is growing in the UK as well. Many different styles of bamboo rattan furniture are being used by people to spruce up their homes. This is a major factor in the UK's rising interest in bamboo rattan furniture. You may also get bamboo and rattan furniture to decorate your cosy house.