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Collection: Bedroom Furniture

Every piece of furniture in your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and your personality. You can add the flavour of elegance to your life with bamboo furniture from Bamboo Entwined. At Bamboo Entwined, we have invested years in creating enticing designs that please the eye and last for generations. Feel the comfort and relaxing vibe when you hang out with your friends and family around our bamboo round tables before you take a power nap on the daybeds.


-We offer vivid choices of bamboo furniture that cater to your specific requirements.

-The crafting technique used in making the furniture ensures its durability.

-Different combinations of furniture are available to completely redecorate the room of your choice at your home.


1: Is the furniture suitable in moist conditions?

Answer: The furniture does not swell and shrink under the effect of moisture like other common hardwoods.

2: How much weight can the bamboo chairs take?

Answer: The chairs are quite durable and can easily take the weight of a fully grown adult. ( You can specify weight if the company has a limit )

3: Can the furniture be used for outdoor seating arrangements?

Answer: Yes, the furniture can be used for outdoor seating.