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Bamboo Entwined is known for being a 360-degree enterprise. Our lighting and handcrafted bamboo products offer our clients amazing furniture and intense illuminating options. How could we not ace the acoustics department, then? Bamboo Entwined brings Bluetooth speakers that make the most out of the acoustic values of the wood and give you the crystal-clear sound you have always been looking for.

Key Features:

-The audio output of the speakers is commendable.

-The Bluetooth speakers are seamlessly easy to connect to.

-The different speakers can be installed on both table tops and bedsides.


  1. Are the speakers made of wood or any other material?

Answer: The speakers are made of wood, which gives them superb acoustics.

  1. What are the connectivity options available for the speakers?

Answer: Different models of speakers provide different connectivity options. They can be connected both wirelessly and can be plugged into. Also, some speakers offer the option of connecting via USB.